What are marble characteristics that makes it the best choice?

marble characteristics

Marble characteristics are so unique that any homeowner who seeks elegance and beauty would consider including it in the style indoors or outdoors of their home. It has been used for thousands of years in the building industry and still is one of the most beautiful options. The reason for this wide appeal lies in […]

Can I install travertine pool deck over concrete?

travertine pool deck over concrete

If you are considering giving your concrete pool deck a new elegant look and you are into the aesthetic appearance of travertine, you may wonder if it is possible to install a travertine pool deck over concrete. Interestingly enough, the answer is yes! Not only is it possible to use travertine pavers on concrete but […]

Everything you should know about travertine durability

travertine durability

When it comes to travertine, it is not only the aesthetic look that makes it popular but also travertine durability. Being the best choice for people who seek beauty and elegance, the durability of travertine is undeniable. It is a great option for flooring, walls, and countertops in both residential and commercial settings. If you […]

Travertine pool deck problems that you should know

Travertine pool deck problems

The aesthetic look of travertine makes it a fine candidate for your pool deck. However, some travertine pool deck problems are presented here so you can decide whether it is a good option for you or not. What is travertine? Travertine has been widely used in construction since ancient times. Even nowadays, still travertine is […]

Marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages

marble stone's advantages and disadvantages

Are you considering remodeling your house but are not sure about the best stone to choose? Well, the first step is to consider marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages and then make the most proper decision about choosing marble or choosing other types of stone. Why marble? Among lots of new natural and artificial construction materials […]

What is the difference between marble and stone

If you are redesigning your house, including indoor and outdoor floorings, walls, tabletops, or even pool decks, you should know the difference between marble and stone which here refers to travertine. Both types can be good for some special purposes and based on specific budgets. However, to choose the best one that matches what you […]

where to buy stone and marble?

where to buy stone and marble

Whether you want to design your new house or redesign your old office, you should know where to buy stone and marble. Marble, granite and travertine, which are types of stone, are stylish and classy for both interior and exterior design. They can be used in flooring, building façade, decorative elements and countertops. Depending on […]

Is travertine stone expensive?

Is travertine stone expensive

Questions like “is travertine stone expensive?” will probably strike your mind when choosing a stone for your house or your office. Actually, price is one of the most important factors affecting people’s choice of stone. But, how should you know what stone is expensive and what stone is not? In this article, travertine’s quality and […]