What are marble characteristics that makes it the best choice?

marble characteristics

Marble characteristics are so unique that any homeowner who seeks elegance and beauty would consider including it in the style indoors or outdoors of their home. It has been used for thousands of years in the building industry and still is one of the most beautiful options. The reason for this wide appeal lies in the marble characteristics themselves.

7 marble characteristics that you should know

Marble, with its interesting pattern and natural shine, and in different colors including white, black, grey, brown, cream, yellow, even blue, and red can easily match any taste and style and add a sophisticated look to any possible place. But what are other unique characteristics that make marble the best choice for many applications? In this article, some of them are discussed.


Due to its natural durable characteristics, marble can withstand high levels of wear and tear. Buildings that remained from hundreds of years ago made of marble are proof of this characteristic. It is the best choice for high-traffic areas such as hotels as it does not crack easily and is resistant to chipping and breaking. So, it can last for decades given the proper care and maintenance.

Aesthetic look

The unique appearance of marble is not comparable to any other stone. Not only marble comes in different colors, but also the veins and patterns in every piece of marble stone are different from the others. Even two pieces of marble from the same source have a different look which is ideal for designers and homeowners who seek uniqueness above everything. From the classic white and black colors to red and pink marble can harmonize with any space and style.

Versatile applications

Marble has a variety of different applications both indoors and outdoors for houses, hotels, and office buildings, and even in art! In buildings, marble’s applications are interior walls and floorings, arches, moldings, and ornamental elements such as columns. Also, as marble is easy to clean, it is perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops and tabletops. For outdoor applications, garden sculptures and wall claddings are normally made using marble.

Heat resistance

Marble is resistant to heat and fire. This characteristic makes marble the perfect option for fireplace surrounding and for outdoor areas such as patios, as it can withstand high temperatures without showing any signs of damage.

Water resistance

Due to marble’s natural pores, it has a low water absorption rate, which makes it an ideal choice for areas exposed to moisture such as pool decks. Also, with proper sealing, it can remain elegant and beautiful for years.


Due to marble’s durability and strength, it can remain intact for many years given the proper maintenance and care. Not only its timeless look but also its long lifespan makes it stand for a long time and hence be a good investment for homeowners.

Improving home value

One of the significant points of using marble in houses is that it adds value to the building. Its aesthetic look and chic appearance make houses more desirable and potential buyers will be more eager to buy the house even for a higher price.

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