Marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages

marble stone's advantages and disadvantages

Are you considering remodeling your house but are not sure about the best stone to choose? Well, the first step is to consider marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages and then make the most proper decision about choosing marble or choosing other types of stone.

Why marble?

Among lots of new natural and artificial construction materials that are available today, still marble has no counterpart. Its shiny and smooth surface, its classy look and its elegant color are some of the elements that are completely unique. Also, as there are lots of classical sculptures and buildings, especially in old Rome and Greek that are made of marble, it has become a symbol of tradition and refined taste.

Since there are different colors of marble like white, black, grey, cream and even blue and red, depending on the style, you can choose the best color. For example, black marble is normally used in more modern designs while white marble is more favorable for classic projects.

There are different places in both architecture and art where marble can be used in. In buildings, marble’s applications are interior walls and floorings, arches, moldings, and even ornamental elements such as columns. Also, kitchen and bathroom countertops and tabletops can be made using marble. Using outdoors, garden sculptures are normally made using marble.

However, to choose marble among different types of material, one should know the advantages and disadvantages and by outweighing them choose to use or not to use marble. In this article, a list of marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages is presented.

Marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages


Some advantages of marble stone are listed:

  1. Marble is stylish and elegant: It is common knowledge that marble floorings, room furniture and even fireplaces look extremely chic. It has a magnificent impact on the overall design of any building, no matter what the style is. Marble is one of the materials that at the first glance gives the vibe of luxury and looks expensive. It is also enormously useful for job spaces of people who want to give a strong first impression of their brand to people who meet them for the first time.
  2. Marble is timeless: There have been lots of buildings during history made of marble. From the Taj Mahal in India to the United States Supreme Court, and from Parthenon in Greece to the tower of Pizza in Italy, all are made of marble. And that is the magic of marble, it never gets old-fashioned. So for people who want an aesthetic look that never gets old, marble is the best choice as it never goes out of style.
  3. Marble comes in different colors and patterns: Although most people know marble as a white stone, the truth is it comes in a variety of colors. There is white, black, cream, beige, brown, yellow, blue and even red, marble available; there are also other colors for marble. Not only is the color different but also there are different patterns. Various patterns, shades and veins make marble look unique and exceptional and also appeal to every taste and style.
  4. Marble is durable: Marble can last for ages. Lots of historical buildings made of marble are proof of this. It can handle roughness for a long period of time. Besides, it has an acceptable compressive strength and can tolerate heavy loads on it. This means beside its beautiful load, marble can protect the floors and in general the building itself.
  5. Marble is easy to clean: cleaning floorings made of marble is always easier than carpet or even mosaic. Besides, it is scratch resistant. All needed for cleaning marble are a mop and a water bucket.

Marble stone’s advantages and disadvantages


While the advantages of marble stone seem mesmerizing, there are some downsides to it. Here, some of the most important disadvantages of marble stone are mentioned:

  1. Marble is softer than other stones: As marble is softer than other types of stones, it is vulnerable to cracking. It has a low heat resistance and especially in cold areas, in winter, it cracks. This soft surface also makes it vulnerable to acids and the growth of bacteria.
  2. Marble requires high installation skills: As marble is soft, it requires technician with high skills in order to instal it without cracking. Moreover, matching the veins on marble tiles is a difficult action as veins and shades are completely random and make it difficult to find proper patterns.
  3. Marble needs care: All stones, floorings, and building façades need care. It is the same with marble. marble is susceptible to getting stains, especially acid stains. So, when having wine, orange juice, or any other acidic material you should be careful. Also, marble needs regular polishing or it becomes red in color with the passage of time.
  4. Marble is slippery: marble is extremely slippery especially when wet. So, precautions should be taken in order to avoid accidental falls.
  5. Marble is expensive: Marble is expensive compared to other types of stone such as travertine. So, if the price matters to you, maybe you should reconsider using marble in spite of its elegance.

Where to buy marble stone and other stones?

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