Types of marble stone | Practical guide

Types of marble stone

The magic of different types of marble stone is not strange to people, even if they do not know what they are mesmerized by is marble. From the Taj Mahal to the Tower of Pizza, and from Sheik Zayed Mosque to the Supreme Court Building in the USA, all of them are the charm of different types of marble. As far as the mentioned examples go, we realize that marble has been a favorable material from ancient times to the contemporary era, and there are some good reasons for that. Its durability and unique pattern are irreplaceable with any other kind of stone, let alone the shiny surface. So, whether it is the exterior or the interior of your house, apartment, or office, give marble a second thought! As it can be a good choice for both classic and modern tastes.

What is marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is derived from limestone and dolomite when subjected to heat and pressure. It also has some other minerals, such as clay, micas, pyrite, quartz, iron oxides and graphite which are the reason for marble’s different colors and patterns. As the percentage of these minerals are different in different parts of the world, there are different types of marble that are named after the place where they are found and have different colors, patterns, and even different durability; however, no matter what the type is, marble is always shiny. Due to its shiny surface, the name has come from the Greek word “marmaros’ meaning “shining stone”.

What is marble application?

Marble’s unique beauty and durability made it a versatile stone in both architecture and art. Some of the main usages are listed here; however, there are just examples and not the only possible areas for using marble. In buildings, marble can be used for ornamental elements such as columns, arches and moldings as well as interior walls and floorings. It is also a very good choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops and tabletops. In art, it is used in garden sculptures and even jewelry.

What are the different types of marble stone?

Marble can be found in different places of the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Although they may have slight differences in color and pattern, all of them are one of these kinds. Here are mentioned different types of marble stone based on color:

White marble

the classic option is always white! Its majestic and pure look alongside its natural-looking shine makes it the perfect option for any businessperson or homeowner. Also, as etching makes white marks on marble, it is the best choice for kitchen table tops as it does not show wear and tear over time. There are different kinds of white marble all over the world including Blanco Carrara which has a color of greyish white, Blanco Ibiza, Blanco Macael, Blanco Tranco and Volakas which are found in Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Greece.

Black marble

as much as white marble is a sign of classics, black marble has a more modern look and edgy aesthetic. It can be designed with white or gold according to its veins that are white or gold. Some black types of marble are Negro Calatorao which is normally used for outdoor flooring, Nero Marquina which is almost entirely black without noticeable veins, and Nero Portoro with the darkest black surface and thicker gold veins that screams luxury and is by far the most expensive black marble!

Grey marble

grey marble with its neutral color presents a calming, clean, and natural pattern which is suitable for both homes and offices. Some types of grey marble are pacific grey which has white veins, Pietra grey with its coal-colored background and its lots of detail; and Fior Di Bosco which looks like smoke is blowing across it.

Cream marble

the most prevalent kind of marble around the world is cream marble. This marble is a wonderful option as it goes with almost any other interior design choice. There are different kinds of cream marble such as Crema Marfil with its lighter background color and Crema Valencia with red veins scattered through it. These stones are found in Spain and Turkey.

Red marble

completely opposite to cream, depending on its tone, red marble adds light and distinction to the space it is used in. It works well with white, black and also Calcutta marble and is mostly used for indoor spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, interior pavements, and coverings. The favorite types of red marble from all over the world are Rojo Alicante which is used for floorings and has white streaks on it, Rojo Bilbao which is the most expensive one with fragments of corals and shellfish in light red background, Rojo Coralito which is used for flooring and façade and Rojo Levante that dark red with thick white veins on it.

Blue marble

although it sounds surprising, blue marble is completely natural! Due to blue’s calming effects on humans, it can be a preferable choice for interior design. Some kinds of blue marble are Tropical Blue, Sparkling Blue, and Cristalita Blue, all of which are found in Brazil.

Brown marble

the safest color for decoration is brown, as it matches the natural earth’s tone and works best for countertops and flooring. Some types of brown marble include Dark Emperador which is a dark-colored marble often combined with other colors in buildings, Light Emperador which has a lighter tone than the previous one and is great for countertops, fountains, and wall coverings; and Rainforest Brown Marble which has a uniquely reddish-brown background with white and grey veins.

These are not the only type of marble that are present on the earth. There are also beige marble, green marble and yellow marble. You can also find marble Besides, there are types of marble stone that have neutral tones instead of solid colors or with tones of different colors even silver.

Why buy marble stone?

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